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The 2 Reasons Why You Should Know You’re Pregnant ASAP

The 2 Reasons Why You Should Know You’re Pregnant ASAP

Getting pregnant can be both a challenging and exciting time for the woman bearing the child. When they are anticipating for the baby’s arrival, the knowledge of the pregnancy can be just pure bliss. On the other hand, when the baby comes at surprise timing, it can make the mom feel unprepared.

As advocates of women’s health in our family practice clinic in Texas, we believe that it’s essential for every woman to be aware of their pregnancy the sooner the better. When they are experiencing early signs such as missed monthly period, they should get a pregnancy test right away.

We believe that knowing you’re pregnant as soon as possible can save lives – both yours and your baby’s. Consider this:

  1. Your Health
    The journey of pregnancy can put a woman at significant episodes of not only physical transitions, but also of emotional, psychological, and hormonal changes. These adjustments can result in major health needs that, when not addressed, put the mother’s life at risk. With our primary care in Mesquite, Texas, such as when a woman consistently arranges for female exams, pregnant mothers can be assisted on how they should prepare themselves in this crucial responsibility. They will be prescribed with vitamins and medications which can meet their nutritional deficiencies resulted from pregnancy.
  2. Your Baby’s Health
    Pregnancy means that you’re taking care of two lives, both you and the child in you. Since this is such a great responsibility, the earliest time you know you’re pregnant can mean a great deal in preserving the overall wellbeing of your unborn child. Every trimester, the baby in the womb has specific needs that can be addressed when the mother knows what to do. With guidance from practitioners in our healthcare clinic in Texas, you will be empowered to handle the role of motherhood even while still carrying your child.

If you’re a sexually active woman and you have abnormal menstrual cycle, we encourage you to have yourself checked regularly at Pioneer Healthcare Clinic. This way, if ever you get pregnant, you will know what to do.







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