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Coping with a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

Coping with a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

In the United States, there are three million women who have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

However, it’s important to note that breast cancer doesn’t just affect the patient, it actually extends its effect on the patient’s family and loved ones. Rather than just the three million women recorded by statistics, we could say that this type of cancer affects millions more.

It’s a sad day for any family when one of their own receives news about breast cancer. As advocates for preventive health, our team at Pioneer Healthcare Clinic in Texas would like to share this article on coping with the diagnosis:

  • Know what to expect.

    There will be several laboratory tests and procedures related to breast cancer staging. This will determine the cancer’s stage, grade, and tumor markers. Tests will likely include mammograms, blood tests, MRIs, etc. Some patients go through surgery followed by chemotherapy and hormone therapy. This depends on the recommendations from the physician because every patient is different and the corresponding treatment varies.

  • The illness affects patients psychologically too.

    Breast cancer is a serious illness and patients are often driven through emotional turmoil as the disease takes its course. The diagnosis, the statistics, the lab tests, appointments for Primary Care in Mesquite, Texas, and everything in between may seem like a lot to process for the patient. They can go through different moods and behavioral changes in the next few weeks, not to mention feeling tired and weary after their chemotherapy sessions. The most you can do as a family member is to provide all the support you can give. Something as small as driving your loved one to doctors appointments or preparing meals for them at home can already make a big difference.

  • Spread awareness and promote preventive healthcare!

    Before this month ends, make sure to visit our Family Practice Clinic in Texas with your female friends or family. We offer Well Female Exams which includes Breast Exams to check for any lumps or abnormalities. Take note that survival rates for breast cancer are significantly improved with early diagnosis.

    Do you know anyone who is fighting a battle with breast cancer? Go ahead and share this article. Support a breast cancer patient today by spreading awareness!

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